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About Us


Being one of the full services leading professional recruiting firms, finding the professional candidates for business’s needs is one of our main priorities

AE Concepts is one of the full services leading professional recruiting firm. We specialize in the permanent placement of highly skilled architectural, engineering and construction professionals. Our organization was founded by a team of inspired Fortune 100 professionals with over 30 years of combined experience in the permanent placement industry.

Our success is based on thestaffing agencies philosophy of providing high-quality candidates to grow our clients’ businesses. In today’s competitive global marketplace, it is essential for companies to staff with experts from the most sought-after talent in the industry.

AE Concepts is one of the most successful established permanent recruiting firms in the USA. It is a progressive professional recruiting firm. Our team is committed to client satisfaction by delivering employment fulfillment, client service, thorough screening, interviewing, referencing and accurate project evaluation. Our commitment is evident in the exceptional performance that our recruiting managers provide, enabling us to attract and position the most qualified candidates in the market.

Our innovative business model is founded on principles and values that are reflected in our SIMPLE Corporate Motto: Service, Integrity, Motivation, Professionalism, Leadership, and Ethics.

AE Concepts provides many permanent recruiting services. Click Here to view a full list of services that can be provided.